Tenerife solicitor for a real estate transaction? In need of conveyancing in Tenerife?

Welcome to Seb Leeson Consulting, your specialised paralegal service provider!

Tenerife solicitor: someone who speaks your language and understands you is great and you’ll need one when buying a property, but our paralegal office give you that extra personal touch!

Let us assist you for a personal and professional conveyancing when buying or selling Real Estate in Tenerife, of for inheritances matters.

We are affiliated with the Consejo General de la Abogacia Española (ACA) and the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados en Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ICATF) with number 6273.

We are affiliated with the Asociación de Asesores Excelentes Fiscales y Laborales (ASOCIAE) with number 6277.

As an independent Real Estate Consultancy and “gestor” in Tenerife, we will guide you through all procedures when purchasing or selling existing Real Estate in Tenerife, but also for new developments, your last will in Spain, donating your property and all inheritances in Tenerife and Spain. We will also take care of all your non-resident taxes.

You buy the property you want, through the constructor, an agent or directly from a private individual and for the price you have agreed. We look after your interests, in five languages!

A good real estate agent will advise you to work with an independent consultant or a Tenerife solicitor to look after your interests. Let us, as an official “gestor” therefor assist and guide you, in your own language, with the guarantees from Seb Leeson Consulting. Quality and service, with guarantees. The testimonials from previous clients speak for themselves!

Looking for a Tenerife solicitor? Let our professional team assist you, in your own language, with more than 50 years of experience in Real Estate! In order to help you and provide you with sufficient information, you can find on our website various informative articles concerning the rental of Real Estate in Tenerife, the property tax and the non-resident tax in Spain that you’ll have to pay if you are not a tax resident. You can easily use the menu at the top to go through the different sections and find the information you are looking for. You can also contact us here for any questions you have, both by email, Whatsapp/Telegram or by phone!

Seb Leeson Consulting, your professional consultancy partner in Tenerife!

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As a recognized “gestor”, we are members of several Spanish specialized organizations and we work closely with governmental agencies to provide and guarantee the best possible service.

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The testimonials of our clients speak for themselves, whoever works with us gets top quality at an affordable and fair price and can rest assured that everything is taken care of down to the last detail. Without unpleasant surprises. With guarantees. We are a Real Estate Consultancy and  your interests and the correct completion of your purchase are paramount. When looking for a Tenerife solicitor, you work with us, for these 3 important reasons:


We will guide you step by step, explain everything to you so that everything is clear and you are never alone. In your own language. You can always contact us by phone, e-mail or via whatsapp with all your questions or concerns. We are here for you!


Seb Leeson Consulting strives to always deliver excellent work and to give you the best possible service. Your satisfaction is our priority. We have a specific insurance as Consultancy and Gestor, you can rest assured that we always deliver quality!


Seb Leeson Consulting works closely with the best brokers, lawyers and notaries in the south of Tenerife. It does not matter what property you buy and from whom you buy or the price you agreed to pay. We are at your side and look after your interests!


On our website you will find a lot of information that we have tried to divide into sections. Our speciality is the assistance and guidance with the purchase in Tenerife when you want to buy an existing building or a new development. We also take care of the making of your will for all your possessions that you have on the Spanish territory and donating your property to your children is also a very interesting option with tax reductions up to 99,90%! Your satisfaction is our priority! Don’t look any further for a property lawyer in Tenerife, you found us!

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