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Testimonials from customers

A testimonial from another person, no matter how good or bad, will always influence our own decision making. Because we at Seb Leeson & Co have absolutely nothing to hide and we want you to feel at ease and that you are assured that we´ll do an excellent job for you, you can find testimonials from our clients here. You can also find us and read testimonials on Google. At a later stage, when you have experienced that we are always at the forefront of your investment, you can also write a testimonial, we would appreciate that very much!

Thanks for your trust, Seb.

Absolute must

My experience with this consulting company can only be described as extremely positive. An absolute must!

Dupont Danielle - Belgium

Great Advice with high competence

Great advice with high competence, sincerity and reliability.

Many thanks to Kim and Seb for their commitment and support in the purchase of our holiday flat in Tenerife.
The company of Kim and Seb was very pleasant, sympathetic and above all sincere and open.
Seb responded very quickly and professionally to our personal questions and concerns, so that we always felt excellently looked after.
Seb negotiated and worked out all the important details for our purchase contract consistently and quickly. After the contract of sale, Kim took care of all the necessary registrations / re-registrations for us.
Many thanks to Kim and Seb for the perfect carefree package!

Monika and Rafael from Germany

Monika and Rafael - Germany

Super assistance

Thank you Seb and Kim for the super smooth assistance, 100% reliable and very professional approach.
For me a very pleasant and nice start in Tenerife, Great!

Dominique - Belgium

Very good guidance

Very good guidance and explanations. Always friendly and ready to help. Easy to reach by phone and mail. In short: friendly and very professional people!

Joke Van der Gucht - Belgium

Attention to detail

Seb’s service and attention to detail are second to none. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Volker Scheid - United Kingdom


Good? SUPER, SUPER GOOD! Indispensable! Absolutely necessary ! Quick response to everything! If you don’t wanna be cheated, work with Seb and Kim!

Sonia de Ridder - Belgium

Very good experience

A very good experience!

Lola Morales - Spain


I contacted Seb Leeson to purchase a flat in Tenerife. I really appreciated his responsiveness, his professionalism, his sympathy and his listening ear from the beginning to the end of my project. Everything is clear and correct. The project perfectly controlled and very well explained by Seb and Kim from A to Z. Dynamics during the meeting, it was great. I recommend his service 200%.

Clément LB - France


Fast, reliable and customer-friendly,
This is the first thing that comes to mind when describing this company.

Gerard - Netherlands

Good service

Thank you for your good care and guidance in purchasing our villa in Palm Mar.
Good service, friendly, and courteous.
It deserves a big compliment and respect.
With kind and courteous regards

Leona and Jan

Leona - Belgium


Professionalism is Seb Leeson’s nature. His knowledge of people and files is phenomenal; empathy is key.

De Maeseneer Jean - Belgium

Professional and friendly

Highly available, friendly and professional. Perfect guides to help you in your buying process.

André from Belgium

André DEFAWE - Belgium

Super satisfied

Smooth communication, fast response! Super satisfied!

Niels Vranken - Belgium

Heartfelt thanks

Once again, our sincere thanks for your professionalism and spontaneous friendliness. When we signed the deed of purchase in May 2020, we were unable to be present due to the corona pandemic. Seb assisted us during this difficult period from the beginning (option) to the end via power of attorney. Seb Leeson is an extremely competent and – very important – reliable person. Perfect follow-up and handling of our purchase, including transfer of energy supplier, etc. Once again our sincere thanks. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to buy a property in Tenerife. A real winner!

Dirk Cooreman - Belgium

Stress free

My husband and I decided to buy a flat in Tenerife because we really like to spend the winter there. Seb and Kim helped us with the purchase and I must say it was totally stress free. The smoothest property buying in my whole life. Seb and Kim are professional, reliable, thorough and resourceful, and, at the same time, friendly and personable. I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to buy a property in the island to contact Seb and Kim. Everything will be sorted very quickly and easily! Thank you Seb and Kim.

Cinzia Scorzon - United Kingdom

Super satisfied

Super satisfied. Highly recommended.

Hugo Meulenijzer - Belgium


We were looking for a place to stay in Tenerife but with the covid and due to the fact that we don’t speak Spanish, we did some research on Tenerife via the internet and called Seb Leeson just to be sure.

We always had good contact via the internet. Despite the reluctance of our notary, SEB managed our transaction very professionally. He is available 7 days a week until very late in the evening.

And the sale was brought to a successful conclusion. Now KIM will take care of all the formalities and pay the taxes, without us having to open a bank account in Spain.

Congratulations to both of you and I look forward to meeting you.


Chantal and Alain - France

Highly recommended

Seb and Kim are driven, highly competent and reliable people, they have assisted us from start to finish with the purchase of a flat in Tenerife, no effort was too much for them and everything was arranged down to the last detail. We are grateful to them and would definitely recommend them.

Carla Luyckx - Belgium

Good service

As always, everything done quickly, good service, keep up the good work.

Julien Serre - Belgium


Recommended, Seb leeson& Co. Professional service with a secure feeling, smooth transaction. I would definitely recommend these people, thanks again for your kindness and professionalism in the transaction.
Goodbye Marc

Marc Deplus - Belgium

Swift response

I am very satisfied with this company. Very professional, friendly and correct.
It is reassuring, you are kept informed. You can even ask questions. With a swift response.

Cathy Vermeersch - Belgium


Seb and Kim are the right people you need in Tenerife to take care of your paperwork.
punctual and correct, reliable and very friendly!
A great team, really

patricia hugelier - Belgium

Good service

Very quick response to queries and incredibly quick submission of the Spanish tax form modelo-210.
Thanks for the good service and see you next year.
Ad van den Hoff.

Ad van den Hoff - The Netherlands

Very positive experience

Working with Seb and Kim = very positive experience.
Our purchase in La Gomera, a flat under bank repossession, was supervised from A to Z by Seb and Kim.
Right from the start they provided us with clear and adequate information with a lot of patience.
Throughout this difficult procedure, their professionalism was a safe basis for us to embark on this ‘adventure’.
Their optimism and positivism was an important support for us in this process.
The result is an absolute ‘Happy end’ for us.
We have confidence in further cooperation in the future.
Nicky y Gi


Nicky and Gi - Belgium

Amazing service

The place to be if you want to buy something hassle free in Tenerife!!!

Vicky van Asbroeck - Belgium

Professional and very efficient

Professional and very efficient.

F. Jebali - Belgium

Professionalism at its best

There are three types of people in this world:
1) Those who make things happen
2) Those who watch things happen
3) Those who don’t know what is happening at all

I am delighted to say that Seb understands the real definition of making things happen. His professional and conscientious approach to his business was absolutely beyond our expectation

His communication is both informative and precise. His knowledge and legal expertise leaves nothing to chance. His integrity and attention to detail is exactly what you would expect from a seasoned professional. Personally, i would have no hesitation recommending his services to anyone from any walk of life.

Once again, Sebastian, thank you for your care, attention and assistance that you have provided. When we are next on the Island, i will allow you to fund dinner for both Val and I…only joking!

Kind Regards,

Lawrence Bell

Lawrence Bell - United Kingdom

Trust and respect

All contacts with Seb and his team went smoothly, correctly and transparently. His assistance and advice were always correct and complete, with attention to a personal approach and a smooth and honest finish. His way of working, his availability and his specific deontological approach ensured an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, also for guidance and follow-up in the future.

Christl Steenackers - Belgium

Do not hesitate!

Very satisfied with the service of Seb and Kim. Super-fast response after the first question with an understandable and correct explanation. For us, the almost impossible was realised: the handling of a file in no time. The working method of these experienced entrepreneurs is highly recommended. Do not hesitate!

Marleen Maes - Belgium

Big thumbs up!

Our parents both passed away within 6 months and they had a property in tenerife and a Spanish bank account, so it was an impossible task for us.
Thanks to seb leeson and his team, everything went smoothly. Everything was handled with honesty and intimacy.
A sincere thank you to everyone who brought this to a successful conclusion.
Seb is definitely recommendable in good but also sometimes in sad times.
You deserve a big ?.
Mr. Dejaeghere Freddy

Freddy Dejaeghere - Belgium

Super satisfied

In Tenerife, real estate transactions often involve unexpected and unpleasant complications. Seb and Kim provided a professional service with a smile that gave me that necessary sense of security. Seb and Kim go the extra mile: they anticipate rather than wait, and are not afraid to deal with urgent matters at the weekend or on public holidays.
That’s why I’m super satisfied.

Frank Vandensteen - Belgium

You radiate confidence

Hello Seb and Kim, at the end of last year we decided to buy an apartment in Tenerife and saw that it was better to take a gestor to take care of the administration. After some searching on the internet we saw a ‘Belgian’ gestor: Seb Leeson. We sent an e-mail and a few hours later we received a clear answer with what we could expect from your intervention. Plus a fixed price for arranging all this. We didn’t hesitate long and immediately started working together. You radiated confidence right from the start.
We did not regret it for a second, on the contrary, you did everything for us and buying a flat in Tenerife was really easy. We were constantly kept up to date with the appointments with the seller, real estate agent, other Spanish gestor and notary. In the end the purchase was arranged very quickly despite the corona.
We are already 100% satisfied and were especially impressed by your knowledge, reliability, punctuality, accessibility (both by phone and mail), professionalism, …. Too much to mention.
But above all we met two extremely friendly people who live for their job and do everything to satisfy their customers. GREAT!
I can only recommend you to other people and above all: you are more than worth your money!
The five stars in all the reviews say it all about your company and nothing is a lie! Keep up the good work! Thanks for everything.
Joachim and Sandrine

Joachim en Sandrine - Belgium

Great service

Great service. Friendly, correct. Quick answers to questions.
Explain everything very clearly. Can highly recommend these people.
Thanks Kim & Seb

Jacob Vandendriessche - Belgium

Very satisfied

We worked with Seb for the purchase of a flat. We are very satisfied. Friendly, helpful.
Very professional and explains everything clearly.
If I need a solicitor in Tenerife again we will not hesitate to go to him.
Wonderful person

Monique Godefroidt - Belgium

Smooth purchase

We are 100% satisfied from A to Z with Seb’s helpfulness, service and transparent communication. This in corona time where we couldn’t go on site at all, still everything was done correctly and on time for a smooth purchase. ?

Carl Robeyns - Belgium


Very helpful, professional and customer-oriented.
So far we are very satisfied.

Jan Vandeputte - Belgium

Perfect and prompt service!

Perfect and prompt service!

Chris Lievens - Belgium

Very Satisfied

Seriousness and professionalism in his way of working. Very satisfied with his services.

Jose Miguel Jimenez - Spain


Kim has taken care of our tax returns in a correct, transparent and professional manner. Thanks for the quick service, see you next year!

Jaap Begemann - The Netherlands

Correct and transparent

Seb and Kim took care of our tax returns in a correct, transparent and professional manner. Thanks for the quick service, see you next year!

Andre Vegter - The Netherlands

Prompt service

I would like to thank Seb and Kim for their professional help and prompt service. I can recommend these people to everyone with regard to papers concerning the purchase or sale of a property. They are well informed about everything and always helpful. If people ask me anything I will definitely recommend these people. Thanks again to Seb and Kim.
Greetings Jan

Jan Brantegem - Belgium

100% customer-oriented!!

Why didn’t I find out about you much earlier ….? Because of COVID I did not spend this year in Tenerife and therefore called on you for the first time. A great success! Your incredibly fast response (you called me back) after my recorded message; immediate replies to my e-mails; accurate communication about how you proceed and what was expected of me; you not only send e-mails but also a text message to inform me. And, not to be underestimated, completing a dossier in Dutch is absolutely useful. The result: my dossier is completed in no time. And now I also know that you will contact me again halfway through this year… My administration “hassle” is clearly in the best hands with you. A heartfelt thank you for that! Nicole

Nicole van Laere - Belgium

Highly recommended

Fantastic service highly recommend him for sales buying and any other services you need in Tenerife.

The Pension Group - United Kingdom

Lots of confidence

Seb Leeson has guided us very well with the purchase of our property in Tenerife. Everything was arranged quickly and on time. The communication and information about costs was very clear. It gives us a lot of confidence.

Gerrit Verweij - The Netherlands

Smooth cooperation

The first time I worked with them and it went smoothly. A good price in addition to that. Give them a try!

Tweede Woning - The Netherlands

Absolutely brilliant service

The property purchase was made extremely difficult due to the Covid pandemic but we were supported with all we needed. We didn’t need to worry about anything and trusted that we were getting a first class service. Highly recommend.

Beverley Smith - United Kingdom

Just do it!

Seb and Kim are very nice people and helped us tremendously with the purchase of a property in Tenerife. About a month ago we barely knew how to handle the administration and in the meantime we have become proud owners. Don’t hesitate to join forces with them, just do it!

Geert Van Baelen - Belgium

This is how you always want to be helped!

At Seb and Kim you can get advice and help: from filling in a document to buying or selling a property. They take all your worries away in a professional but also very personal and pleasant way. You will receive an immediate response to your questions, clear agreements will be made and the entire dossier will be completed perfectly.

Bettina Devos - Belgium

Perfect service

Got impeccable administrative service. In my case modelo 210. Highly recommended. 12 out of 10 🙂

Meulenijzer Hugo - Belgium

Extremely satisfied

Very professional, fast treatment, friendly service,
extremely satisfied!
Thank you, Kim,
Hopefully until next year!

Rony D'herck - Belgium

Perfect service

Perfect service !!!!! Seb and Kim are an example of quality service. Always friendly and quick response to all your questions.
Next time I will definitely come back to you!

Babs J. - Belgium

Invaluable support

We just bought a Finca on Tenerife. Seb and his crew took us through the process. Their support proved to be invaluable. Highly recommended.

Ulrich Weibel - Swiss

We are approaching perfection

What can I say about Kim and Sebastian? We are approaching perfection. Fast, professional. A relationship based on trust. Congratulations and thank you for your good services.

Alexis Boucau - Belgium

Very satisfied

For our purchase in Tenerife we were guided by Seb and we are very satisfied with his professional approach and way of working! We will certainly continue to work with him in the future!

Kurt Dua - Belgium

Correct and friendly

These people live for their cause! Correct, friendly and they know what they are talking about… Excellent!

Robby - Belgium

Well done

Seb and Kim are two driven individuals who, apart from their professionalism, immediately make you feel good with their conviviality and the confidence they radiate.
They give you clear information in an informal, friendly way about the necessary steps when buying a flat, guide you step by step through the Spanish administration mill and protect you from possible dangers. They work strictly, quickly, meticulously and accurately, providing support and sufficient feedback, so that our purchase seemed like a stroll in the park.
In short: two top people, whom we can strongly recommend to other potential buyers.

Marc Lauwers and Hilde Van Dyck

Lauwers Marc - Belgium

A very satisfied customer

Needless to say, Seb and Kim’s service is perfect and indispensable.
When you make a purchase in the Canary Islands it gives a very safe feeling to know that someone like Seb will take care of your business and explain everything in fluent Spanish and take care of everything for you. What a reassuring feeling, I could not have imagined finishing all this without their professional assistance and knowledge.
So I can only say one thing: “If you are looking for a professional team that is friendly and spontaneous at your service, don’t hesitate and call Seb and Kim, you won’t regret it”.
Good luck,
Chris and Guy

Guy and Chris Couder - Belgium

Quick response

Seb and Kim are doing a great job. A quick response after my email to them. After a few days my Spanish tax was settled and paid. Thank you for that very quick processing. I can only recommend you and will do so. Thanks kim and seb

Patricia De Vooght - Belgium

Reliable service

Very quick reliable service. Really useful that they speak english

Craney Philip - United Kingdom

Highly recommended

They really are great people. You are guided professionally and correctly. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work Seb and Kim.

Sam Ottevaere - Belgium

A relief

It was a relief to find someone on the island who could speak to us quickly and professionally in Dutch. Someone who immediately understood what our needs were and who had put everything in order the next day. A recommendation for anyone who wants to buy, sell or donate on Tenerife.

Martine de Bruyn - Belgium

Very helpful

Seb Leeson was very helpful in the selling process. He is a very friendly and absolute professional consultant. I can recommend him 100% and would always work with him together again, if needed.

Nicole Boguth - Germany

Quick service

A very good and quick service. Very good value and everything completed within an extremely quick turnaround. Had complete confidence in the professional service especially in that I am based in the U.K.

Paul Wheeldon - United Kingdom

Impressive professionalism

We were extremely satisfied with the service provided by Sebastian Leeson. The communication and professionalism were very impressive and we have no hesitation in recommending this company for any legal needs you may have. The excellent spoken English was a bonus too!!

Christine Evans - United Kingdom

Service with a smile

Fabulous service with a smile! A pleasure to deal with can not recommend enough. Delighted! Thank you so much! Such a difference than the service I received previously!

Julie Collins - UK

Positive feeling

From the very first contact we had a positive feeling about Seb and Kim, all explanations in clear human language, very professional, all agreements are fulfilled, respond very quickly, remain themselves and are always friendly, nothing is too much for them, in short, if we still need your services in the future, we will certainly not hesitate to call on you for this. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

Pauwels - Desmet - Belgium

Very high appreciation

From the very first moment, they immediately left a good feeling. Very clear in terms of explanations/questions and promises. Very high appreciation!

Tony Janssen - Belgium

Champions of “Tenerife has got talent”

Seb and Kim have met more than all our expectations and have made our dream come true in record time, with efficiency and professionalism. They take the time to listen to your project, to explain and re-explain the options available to you. They will advise you on your future tax situation. They will defend your interests in the best possible way and project themselves in your place.

Tenerife has his fiscal talent.


Axel and MF - Belgium

Do not hesitate

Precise, fast, thorough explanations, friendly, easily accessible, up to date with Spanish and Belgian legislation, and so much more. FABULOUS TEAM. Do not hesitate, they work with heart and soul for you. Jan and Lidy

Jan and Lidy - Belgium

Definitely highly recommended

Great team! Completion of your file from A to Z, highly recommended! We can certainly recommend Seb and Kim.

Karin Timmermans - Belgium

The fiscal talent of Tenerife

Seb and Kim answered more than all our expectations and helped us to realise our dream in record time, efficiently and professionally. They take the time to listen to your project, to explain and re-explain the options available to you. They will advise you on your fiscal future. They will defend your interests in the best possible way by thinking for you and with you. “Tenerife has its talent for finance. THANK YOU

Axel Leleux - Belgium

Perfect follow-up

Perfect follow-up, service and agreements!

Pascale Vandaele - Belgium

Efficient, accurate and serious

Seb Leeson is an efficient, accurate, fast and serious office for those who want to solve property and administrative problems in Spain.
Moreover, he speaks all languages, which makes it easier to understand the procedures.
You can trust him completely.

Thanks Seb, I asked Google, but unfortunately they don’t go beyond 5 stars!

Gérard - France

Without them it would not have been possible!

Our life project was to acquire a residence in Tenerife, but because we are Belgian, cautious, without knowing Spanish and English, the task was difficult. We looked on the internet to find out who was going to coach us, a lawyer? An advisor? Then, like you, we came across Seb. I read the comments and then we said ‘yes, but are they real comments’? And all we can say now is: trust them! Because without them nothing would have been possible because you have both simple and complicated purchases. Our purchase was enormously difficult and the seller made us sweat enormously, but Seb has always been there to solve every problem, he is patient, has good advice, listens and together with his wife Kim they form a great team. The price is quite correct because they also take all the necessary steps, such as the transfer of water, electricity, NIE number, notary, … It is a real all-in formula! Thanks again to Seb and Kim, without you my dream wouldn’t have come true! See you soon on Tenerife, Corinne and Christophe from Liège.

Corinne Dehan - Belgium


Clear information, solid agreements and everything arranged quickly…
Our tax return was handled professionally in a minimum of time and for a reasonable fee.

Rudy Jaspers - Belgium

Proper help is always on time

Last January I went on holiday to Tenerife. I wanted to see if I could go and live in Tenerife and I had already looked at many sites. But as everybody knows, it is the start of a new life, a new language, new rules and so on. Nobody can say that they know everything and that they know how everything works. Many people are mistaken how much work it is to rent or buy something on Tenerife. I met Seb through the internet and decided to confide in Seb and tell my story. After talking to each other we both went to see if there was a house that met all my wishes in Tenerife. At first I had found a house, but it didn’t go well and my trust in the owner of the house became less and less. After Seb had also taken a look, I decided to look further. I hadn’t told this to Seb yet. One day Seb came up with a perfect house that fulfilled 90% of my wishes. Seb acted perfectly and went there to visit the house and showed me movies. After Seb had sorted things out and discussed them with me, we decided to go for it and inform the owner of the house that I was interested in renting the house. Of course we had to negotiate but we sorted everything out. Seb acted very well and professionally. I decided to move the next opportunity and do the rest of the paperwork. Seb really knows what he’s talking about and will never disappoint anyone. Giving the right advice and putting everything in order. Even after you have everything in order, Seb will still help you. Also arranging all the applications. Seb also knows how to find the right people to help you out. Seb also tells the truth when a person isn’t right. One has to be able to cope with that. I personally followed his advice and that’s why I didn’t have any problems. I know people who think… oh, I can do that. Forget it. One needs the right help. I personally recommend Seb to everyone. A lot of people know Seb too. Really, I recommend everyone, if they want to move to Tenerife, talk to Seb. Then you’ll know it’s the right thing to do. The way it’s supposed to be. I also warn everyone. Watch out, because there are people out there who say they can arrange it. Then you’ll come out cheated and you’ll lose a lot of money. Once again… Talk to Seb and you’ll corroborate my story. Do it and don’t wait………. Sincerely, Richard Hietkamp

Richard Hietkamp - Belgium

Very smooth and clear explanation

Because we wanted to take some precautions regarding the inheritance rights of our property here in Tenerife, we were assisted by Seb. We had a very extensive explanation with several options and 2 weeks later we were already at the notary to sign the necessary deeds and this at a very good price. Thanks Seb and Kim!

Hein Derieuw - Belgium


We have bought our apartment in Tenerife with the help of these people. They also took care of all my administrative affairs. Really top-notch company and everything that was agreed was carried out.
Thanks Kim and Seb

Kenny De Raeymaekers - Belgium


Hi, Seb and Kim,
Customer friendliness and excellent service towards your customers is certainly not an empty term for you. Spanish taxes with names like IBI and modelo 210, we could not see the proverbial Spanish forest through the trees. You have arranged everything for us on time, always willing to provide more information, always under clear agreements. Even a home visit (far away) wasn’t too much to ask. And all this at a more than correct price.
You make life on the paradisiacal island a lot more pleasant!

Marcel en Liliane Bruynseels-Luyten - Belgium

Smooth service

Very good and smooth service, even in more complex cases a smooth settlement was achieved. Very customer friendly company. I can only recommend working with them!

Riki Verbeeck - Belgium

Again next year

The way in which they communicated with us was professional and friendly, and our taxes were arranged.
Excellent, again next year.

Sylvia - The Netherlands

Great service

Great service! Thank you Kim for the smooth handling of our questions and for taking care of the administration. Very smooth service!

Dhondt - Moreels - Belgium

Without worries

My taxes for non-residents have been filed with the tax authorities and paid, with no worries for me. Thanks Seb and Kim, what would I do without you!

Erika Defryn - Belgium

Professional declaration

After a long search, we filed our tax return via Seb Leeson & co!
Very nice and fast and also the price is great!
Now the stress has subsided and every year our tax return is done professionally!

An Zudok - The Netherlands

Very satisfied

Very satisfied with Seb and Kim’s service. Respond quickly to mail/whatsapp messages and work at a fair price.

Steven Maris - Belgium

Correct service

Dear Kim and Seb, I would like to thank you for the fast, professional and correct service. See you next year. I will certainly share your perfect service with others. Greetings winny

Winny Schools - Belgium

Professional treatment

This is a company I would certainly recommend to friends and acquaintances. A very personal approach, professional treatment with a cost overview advice and clear explanations, but even after things have been settled the service remains.

Thank you Kim and Seb

Pieter Ploeg - The Netherlands

A fast and correct declaration

A fast and correct declaration of the modelo 210. One less worry! Thanks very much.

Ivo Verhoeven - Belgium


In December 2019 we wanted to pursue our dream of having our own place under the sun, and we started out doing so on our own, together with a Spanish real estate agency. We realised very soon that it would be better not to make such a decision alone and without guidance. Especially because of the language barrier. Too late, but better late than never we contacted Seb and Kim. They immediately reassured us and took us under their wings. Super professional, very warmhearted and friendly, nothing was too much for them. Because we had already taken some steps ourselves, with the real estate agency, which had not gone very smoothly, Seb immediately reacted very alert and defused the dangerous situation. Furthermore, he guided us step by step over all the hurdles. He did a fantastic job so we could avoid the known pitfalls in Spain. Thanks to Seb and Kim we actually went as two tourists to the notary, signed the deed and received the keys. A little while later they informed us: everything was ok, you are registered with all relevant services, payments to utilities and the community have been made, payments owed to the tax authorities have been made.
Now we get a binder from him containing all the documents concerning the purchase.
I would like to emphasize that without them we would never have been able to bring this to a successful conclusion. You guys are great! Someone who hires you really doesn’t have to worry about anything. Rarely or never experienced such service.
Sonja and Dirk

Dirk Van Walleghem - Belgium

First-class team

Kim and Seb have advised and assisted us in completing the Modelo 210 .
Without this FIRST-CLASS team, we would never have been able to accomplish this ourselves.
Thanks to the professional help of Seb and Kim we have been very well informed over the phone about what is and what is not expected of us, so we do NOT pay for what we do not need!
Thanks again to Seb and Kim for the excellent service.

Marc and Ria

Devriese - Verswijver - Belgium

Very capable and friendly

We found it exciting to find a reliable (purchase) consultancy in Tenerife. The intention was that we would buy my mother’s apartment. You wouldn’t think it would be very exciting, but there were still some obstacles. We posted a message on Facebook with the question if there were people who knew reliable and capable experts for us. The name of Seb (and Kim) soon came up many times. We had some negative experiences in the past and so we were a bit sceptical. But to be honest, Seb called me very quickly and I immediately felt a “click” during our conversation. We had our first face to face appointment on Tenerife and we expressed our concerns. Seb and Kim were able to take these concerns away and we had a good feeling about it. From that moment on Seb started everything for us and we became the owners of our beautiful apartment in Adeje in January. This fantastic couple has arranged everything for us from A to Z. They even responded so quickly to questions that I could barely keep up with them. 😉 Also now we can always call on Seb and Kim, for questions, doubts you name it. We couldn’t have wished for anything better. Seb and Kim thanks again for your fantastic service and hope to see you soon in Tenerife, which we love so much! Patrick and Carola

Patrick and Carola - The Netherlands


In June 2019 we decided to make our dream come true: move/emigrate to Tenerife.
But how do you do that?
After a lot of searching and surfing on the internet we sent an email to Seb Leeson with the question if he could do something for us. This was immediately followed by a very pleasant and trustworthy phone call.
We decided to ask Seb to take us by the hand and guide us from A-Z.
In October we met Seb and his charming wife, Kim.
We had a very informative conversation in which Seb was able to put us back on the ground in a sympathetic way. Seb put us in contact with a reliable and active real estate agent.
Seb and Kim went to work for us.
When we left Tenerife for The Netherlands two weeks later, we had a preliminary contract for the purchase of an apartment and all formalities had been arranged.

Since the end of February we live in our apartment in Tenerife.
With the expert guidance of Seb Leeson we were able to make our dream come true.

We are super happy and grateful that Seb and Kim have come into our lives and will stay in our lives!

Jan & Elly - The Netherlands

very satisfied

Always good advice, and in French! Perfect to explain everything before we bought our property.

Celine & Jeanluc - France

helped perfectly

Seb helped us from A to Z with the purchase of our apartment.

Natalina - The Netherlands

worth 5 stars

Very friendly and sympathetic people, helped us very well with making a will. Service is smooth! Thanks.

Louisa - Tenerife

Extremely knowledgeable

Seb was highly recommended to me for his professionalism and integrity. I was not disappointed and found him to be personable and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate matters. He is very thorough,dependable and easy to talk to. His help in the purchase of my property was invaluable and I would have no qualms recommending him to anyone. Well done Seb. Kim also does so much behind the scenes so they are a great team.

Joanna Siczek - UK

Professional with a great likeability factor

Seb put our mind at rest straight away in what was a very exciting but scary time purchasing our apartment in Tenerife.
He explained every part of the process thoroughly and so that we was able to understand.
He was always professional but he also had a great likeability factor. A lovely young man.
From beginning to end I cannot fault Seb’s service. Even now he is always there if we need him.
We was presented with a very professional portfolio with all our paper work.
All I can say is… Do it. Its the best thing we have done and we have no regrets.
Debbie and Gary Day – UK.

Debbie and Gary - UK

A Professional and Super reliable recommendation from us

After years of searching we eventually found our home and bought it in December 2019 in Tenerife, and this only because of the wonderful cooperation with Seb and his wife Kim, we as layman and full of doubts, Seb has helped us, nothing was too much for him, every question, every detail regarding the paperwork, he has helped us with his always beautiful smile and full of patience. A great human and grand team, and above all, after-sales service! Thank you Gilbert and Patricia Momerency X

Patricia and Gilbert - Belgium

Great service with a smile

Last year we bought an apartment with another real estate agent, which went very smoothly until we realised that he had only done the purchase. IBI still had to be arranged and so we went looking for a gestor. Through Tenerife Voor Nederlandstaligen we found Seb…

After the first contact we knew that we had found the right person. Everything was arranged via email and whatssapp. We in Belgium…Seb in Tenerife
Seb arranged our IBI. Then he saw that our basura was also not in order…….. He looked up our Valor cadastral. Modelo 210 was also handled. What would we do without our Seb? Also a donation to the children was discussed.
Now we have put everything in the hands of Seb & Co. Also, the children now know who they can contact later when we are no longer there …………….. but now we are still enjoy the beautiful island. Thanks Seb and Kim Greetings Gino, katrien, Aaron and Devine

Bonte Katrien - Belgium

Dear Seb and Kim, Thank you very much

Dear Seb and Kim,

Thank you very much for filing our Modelo 210.

Proper agreements were made and executed correctly. Great team!
Thanks again and see you next year.
Greetings Danny

Danny - Belgium


seb has assisted us extremely well with our purchase in Tenerife.
everything went perfectly
highly recommended

Lampe Koen - Belgium

Trustworthy and reliable

After using about 20 estate agents to sell our flat for a year we had given up hope. Then I met Seb. From the very first moment he came across as someone who knew what they were doing and also someone that actually wanted to help. He gave me tips about how to show my flat and said that he could sell it within 3 months. I didn’t believe him, but I thought, what have I got to lose! Well… I should have believed him. He only showed the flat to potential buyers (unlike other estate agents) and found a buyer within the 3 months!!! I have to say he was professional throughout, explained everything very clearly, spent a lot of time with us and even afterwards kept in touch. Due to his skills and effort he put in to selling our flat we have been able to buy our dream home and have our second child so we cannot be thankful enough. A genuine nice guy!! Thanks Seb, Natalie & Pablo x

Natalie Harvey - UK


I really appreciated Sebastien’s intervention. The information is accurate, clear, repeated to ensure a perfect and complete understanding from beginning to end of the collaboration. As part of the donation I had commissioned him for, his intervention was an immense relief for me. Not only is he very familiar with local legislation, but he also goes without hesitation in search of additional local law that makes the difference for us foreigners. Moreover, his professional contact in Belgium completes exactly what is expected of him in terms of tax correction and law to ensure that his work is carried out in the most appropriate way. A man of integrity, jovial, multilingual, and above all: EFFICIENT. To be recommended for all types of administrative actions (support in purchase/sales/donation/various cadastral research/analysis of old cadastral documents, etc.). His partner assists him wonderfully: a very beautiful team, therefore, thoughtful and relevant. Thank you both.

Richard Plumes - Belgium

Friendly explanation

Seb, thank you for the ever friendly explanation. Quick answer to everything and your high patience.
Also nice to have met you in person and we will certainly continue to work with you in the future. Greetings Isabelle and Didier

Isabelle and Didier - Belgium

Nothing but praise

Actually, so far nothing but praise. At the same time we receive a response late in the evening and on Sundays and holidays! Nowadays this is no longer evident and that is very much appreciated by me. Then there is free advice, even with difficult issues. In short: highly recommended.

Meriam - The Netherlands

Professional & reliable !!

Fantastic help with the purchase of our apartment! Seb and Kim are a top team and are always ready for you..super friendly and reliable!
More than 100% recommended

Michel - Belgium

Highly professional

Seb helped us when we bought our apartment in Tenerife, he was very professional and always available for us. We had no problems, he took care of everything.
Recently we contacted him again for a legal explanation, he took the time to explain everything in detail and always with a smile. He is a very pleasant and serious person who can be trusted without any problems.
I can highly recommend him to anyone.

Alonso - France

Model 210

We are very satisfied with seb
And we certainly recommend him
He helped me with
And a clear explanation regarding the donation of real estate
Best regards astrid

Astrid - Belgium

Great service

Working together with Seb and Kim regarding the purchase of our apartment in Tenerife went very well and I can advise everyone to contact them.
On all levels it was 100% perfect. HONEST and smooth communication.
Our contact remains and also on the financial level in Tenerife they are well informed.

Walter Van Noten - Belgium

Modelo 210

I was looking for information about tax obligations in Spain. Seb’s information on this subject is clear.
Very professional.

Ger van den Anker - The Netherlands

Finally wiser

We wanted to know what the legal situation was on Tenerife regarding the admission of family and friends to our apartment.
We had already found many different articles on the internet, but we didn’t find them 100% clear.
After some searching we ended up with Seb.
Thank you Seb, for your explanation, your pleasant chat and especially your clear knowledge.
You are certainly an asset to many and these islands.
Carlo and Sabine.

Sabine Loncke - Belgium

We are more than happy

We found Seb through a message on facebook. Thanks to him, the purchase of our house went very smoothly. Thanks to Seb, all the steps we had to take were followed up perfectly from start to finish. We experienced the cooperation as honest and pleasant. His wife also deserves a compliment on this. Even after the purchase of the house, he remains available at all times. In short, we are more than satisfied! Highly recommended!

Marleen and Luc - Belgium

Top service and recommended for everyone

When we bought our house in Tenerife, we made use of the top services of Seb. While we could also get this from the seller’s real estate agent, I still advise everyone to work with Seb. He has no interest in selling or not selling and works especially for you as a buyer. Thanks to the cooperation with him, we saved money ourselves. He helps you with the paperwork, nie number … He is always available and thinks along with you for the best solutions for your purchase/investment. If I buy anything else in Tenerife, I call in Seb for this.

Serge Wailly - Belgium

Top team

We wanted to buy a holiday home in Tenerife and we were referred via-via to Seb Lesson and so we met Seb and Kim. After a detailed explanation of how things work in Tenerife, we knew how to start the house hunt.

He has arranged everything for us, NIE application, opening a bank account, all the work after the sale and he will answer all your questions. In short, top service.
A trusted party was very important to us, especially in those foreign countries with unfamiliar regulations, so we would definitely recommend them when buying in Tenerife. They will handle all that needs to be done very professionally and you will get the original documentation/invoices back in a neat and tidy manner.

Thank you Seb & Kim for your dedication and help.

Wassen and Riadh

Wassen & Riadh - The Netherlands

Great help and support

We met Sebastian and his team during the purchase process of our apartment on Tenerife. He was a great help and support in all administrative procedures. Everything was done on their own initiative and very quickly. We are very grateful about this. It was a very pleasant and uncomplicated personal contact. Sebastian even gave us free advice and help at the end of the mandate, which is certainly not something we take for granted. It was also very helpful that Sebastian speaks German very well. We can only recommend Sebastian and his team based on our experience to anyone interested.

Joanna and Stefan

Joanna und Karl-Stefan Beck - Germany


Through a lot of research work on the internet, we have ended up at Seb & Co by chance. Our dream, buying “an apartment” in Tenerife had been in our heads for a long time. The purchase did not go in the usual way, and still worked out well, thanks to the main player SEB. He has arranged everything for us, but then everything. Bank, NIE no, notary, last will, painter, collection of the furniture of the previous owner …..too much to mention. We would never have done this alone, also because the language is still a barrier. No question was too much for Seb. All meetings took place on a terrace with a “delicious iced coffee” and not in a boring office. Once again a big fat thank you to guide us so well, SEB & CO. And we will see each other again in Ghent at the fair. Until then.
Dirk and Katty

Dirk Crabbé and Katty Vermeiren - Belgium

Professional approach

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Seb Leeson for his professional approach of getting all the paperwork done related to the purchase of our apartment.
With a seldom seen passion, everything has been brought to perfection.
Long waiting times were avoided…. Highly recommended!!!!!!
Thank you Seb
Erwin & Martine Heyse

Heyse-Bronselaer - Belgium

Professionally and with a smile …

Through friends (and with a happy coincidence) we got to know Seb and Kim. What was to be an introductory meeting (with an explanation of their services), became a long, fun and interesting afternoon on our terrace. With a lot of confidence we went with Seb & co for the purchase of our 2nd apartment.
Once the offer was accepted by the sellers, Seb & co could start: from checking the compromise, preparing for the signing of the deed, checking if there are no outstanding debts and/or if there is a loan on the property – and the assistance in signing the deed, as well as the transfer of the counters … everything is done by them. And all this for a very fair price.

They ensured smooth and correct communication, clear agreements, perfect handling of all administrative obligations, a joke in between, a lot of knowledge and the right way … helpful with every kind of question … what a big difference with our experiences at the first purchase!
End result … a folder with all documents, supporting documents and statements … fully finished!
It was very nice to be able to work together in this (professional) way and in confidence!
Legislation, life lessons, travel experiences, good food … we still have a lot to catch up on!
Thanks Seb & Kim!

Michèle & Kathleen

Kathleen Deruyver - Belgium


Just before our third purchase in Tenerife we met Seb and Kim. Happily! We could immediately experience the difference with our previous solicitor.
Professional, correct and honest. Not to mention the hospitality and openness of this beautiful couple. No question is too much for them, always willing to make time.
We are very grateful to these people for the smooth handling, but they are also a point of contact in our own language in a country where the legislation is still different from ours.
Seb and Kim are perfectly aware of the ins and outs of Tenerife but also of the local administration. Very handy. That’s why I can recommend everyone to work with these people to guide you through the handling of your purchase… Last but not least, we have a bunch of nice friends left over from it. John and Rita

John Renders - Belgium

Competent and reliable

We got to know Seb through someone else, in the search for an apartment in Tenerife.
He took some time in an informal way, on a terrace, to get to know us and our wishes. Soon a lot of apartments could be thrown in the bin in our self-sought folder!
The handling and administration of the purchase went perfectly, right down to the last detail, everything was correct on time and professional! Although he doesn’t work with an office where you can be received, you can trust him for 200%!
Even now we can always call on him for a question, a restaurant, place to be, etc.
Thank you Seb for remaining our link between Belgium and Tenerife!

Tony en Heidi - Belgium

Thorough assistance

A few years ago we decided to buy an apartment in Tenerife. We wrote to about twenty estate agents and most of them responded by e-mail; some also by telephone, including Seb. One evening he phoned and asked if we had fifteen minutes for him. That quarter eventually became 2 hours… During that phone call we covered all possible aspects of a purchase in Tenerife.

Our choice was taken immediately: we were clearly dealing with someone who knows his trade. This was also evident in the time he spent afterwards to solve all possible details. Even after the purchase he took care of all the documents we needed.

In short: If you choose Seb, you choose professionalism.

Jenny and Harry, Aalst

Jenny and Harry - Belgium

Top-notch service

After a few rounds of questions in Facebook groups from Tenerife… Seb&Co came out on top. Once contacted, the click was there right away 🙂 He’s a great guy and takes the time to explain everything to you in layman’s terms. Not those fancy words like notaries and lawyers use all the time, which you don’t understand. Also he tries to help you with anything he can. He accompanies you from beginning to end.

I can’t help but put it this way… “Top service”! You and your team do that well Seb ?

Carole & Jochem

Carole Mattina - Tenerife

Just do it ?

The time and energy he invests in the completion of “a last will” only indicates how professional he is. No question is too much and you get a clear explanation. He’s very passionate about what he does, that is for sure. We would like to recommend him to everyone so that you can continue to enjoy yourself in Tenerife. If you are looking for the following:

  • Professional approach
  • Knowledge
  • Correctness

then you need to work with Seb Leeson & Co.

Peter Van Beek - Belgium

Couldn’t be better

I met Seb through a another person who had already used him before. He has done the paperwork for my purchase in Tenerife.
I can tell you that everything was just PERFECT.
Everything went according to plan, nothing was too much for him.
He himself brought me all my documents when I was back in Belgium and handed them over to me here.
We recommend him highly to arrange everything when you are buying something.

Weyn Freddy - Belgium

Very professional

Seb has helped us a lot in drawing up a long term lease contract for our apartment in Tenerife. I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself and a top speed handling (as we are used to in Belgium), for which thank you very much! Ann and Freddy.

Vansteenkiste gheysens - Belgium


We too got to know Seb through people we met. We were immediately convinced of his positive attitude. He is helpful and with the necessary knowledge, a good supervisor, always available and always ready with feedback. Thank you again for all the answers to our questions. An example for many.

Hesius Heraldine - Belgium

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