Conveyancing in Tenerife

We are your partner for complete conveyancing in Tenerife! You have undoubtedly heard or read horrible stories from people who have been duped when buying property in Spain or Tenerife. Or that nobody can be trusted. Or that it is impossible to do if you don’t speak Spanish. All of this does not apply if you work with Seb Leeson & Co and entrust us with your Real Estate transaction!

What services do we offer? Our conveyancing in Tenerife is personal and complete: we always work with total solutions that focus on you. Your satisfaction is our priority. Our impartiality is limitless and infallible. Our most important assets:

  • Conveyancing in English

  • We represent you, not the broker, intermediary or the seller.

  • Independent checks

  • Full conveyancing from A to Z

  • Experience. More than 50 years of experience in our team, this is what counts!

What is the scope of our conveyancing in Tenerife, before you become an owner? What solutions and methods do we use? It is very simple: you are going to buy through a constructor, broker or private individual. Everything looks good, but you would like (and this is a very good idea) to have a specialist lawyer or consultant check everything and be at your side to look after your interests, so that you do not have to face unpleasant surprises afterwards!

We will guide you step by step through your purchase process, regardless of what you buy, who you buy from and how much you pay for it. Contact us before you sign anything! Our independent assistance and guidance when purchasing in Tenerife includes the following:

  • Applying for your NIE (this is your Spanish foreigner’s number, you need one before buying a property)

  • Opening of a Spanish bank account (if necessary)

  • Checking whether there are any debts on the property

  • Independent checks on the sellers property

  • Checking or drafting the purchase and sales agreement

  • Coordination between the seller, the broker and yourself

  • We’ll be with you at the notary public for the signing of your deed of purchase, or we’ll do it for you with a power of attorney

  • Translations of any and all documents you sign

  • Registration of your purchase at the Land Registry Office

  • Payment and declaration of all involved taxes in the transaction

  • Explaining and follow-up of your yearly non-resident taxes in Spain

  • Conversion and direct debit of utilities

  • Drawing up, translating and supervising a Spanish will (if desired)

  • After-sales service (consulting)

After the notary public

After the signing of the deed (your purchase) in Tenerife at the notary public’s office, there are still a number of costs to be paid and a lot of formalities to be completed.

Due to the very complex bureaucracy in Tenerife, however, it is customary for a third party to take care of all further settlements, as these obligations are NOT carried out by the notary public’s office. Seb Leeson & Co will take care of this for you so that you don’t have to do anything and can immediately enjoy your new acquisition! Our conveyancing is completely from start to finish, you don’t have to worry about anything! With us, you can be sure that everything is 100% personal and that we handle everything in a smooth manner. The testimonials of our clients speak for themselves!

The formalities that we will carry out for you include the following and are fully included in our services:

  • Payment of the notary public’s invoice

  • Collecting your authenticated deed from the Notary

  • Payment of the 6.5% tax on the purchase price to the government

  • Payment of the retained 3% tax for non-residents who sell real estate

  • Payment of the retained Plusvalía

  • Registration in the Land Registry Office

  • Payment of the Land Registry fees

  • Transfer of water and signing of water supply contract

  • Direct debit of water bills

  • Transfer of electricity connection and signing of electricity supply contract

  • Direct debit of electricity bills

  • Registration at the municipality for the Basura tax (waste collection)

  • Direct Debit of Basura (waste collection)

  • Registration for the Council Tax (IBI)

  • Direct Debit of the Council Tax (IBI to be paid annually)

  • Registration with the Community

  • Direct debit of community fees

In conclusion

All these formalities can take up to 3 months to complete.

Our conveyancing in Tenerife and Spain is really based on a personal service to make your purchase process as smooth and easy as possible. Whether you buy from a real estate agent or not, let our team assist you in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and complications. We are 100% independent and work 100% for you!

The procedures for new developments are slightly different from those described above. The costs are also different as you’ll pay a little bit more taxes when buying a new development in Tenerife. (8% transfer tax instead of 6,5% transfer tax when buying used real estate)

Have an independent and English speaking Real Estate Consultant located in Tenerife assist you with your purchase abd your conveyancing in Tenerife!   

Please contact us before purchasing a property so that we can assist and guide you immediately and provide you with the necessary information regarding the procedures. We can also assist you with a Spanish will, when you want to donate your real estate and inheritances in Tenerife and Spain. As a property owner in Spain, you will also have to declare and pay your annual non-resident taxes. Get in touch today for a personal conversation and let us help you!

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