Guidance when selling in Tenerife

We are your reference partner for full guidance when selling in Tenerife!

You want to sell real estate but you want to work without a broker? You have found a buyer yourself? Do you want to be as successful as possible in order to sell your property easily at the right price? No problem! When we assist you with the sale, we will make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the deed can be quickly and easily passed, in your own language!

  • Guidance in English

  • We help you without the need for a broker

  • Independent checks

  • Full guidance from A to Z

  • Experience. More than 50 years of experience in our team, this is what counts!

What is the scope of our guidance when selling in Tenerife? Seb Leeson & Co guides you step by step and ensures that everything runs smoothly. In your own language, with your wishes in mind. We will undertake the following tasks in consultation with you:

  • Checking whether you still have outstanding debts

  • If necessary, repay your mortgage loan

  • Drawing up the purchase and sale agreement

  • Attendance at the notary with the signing of your deed

  • Translating your authenticated deed

  • Coordination between your financial institution, the notary and yourself

  • Verification that the buyer complies with his obligations

  • Checking to make sure your taxes are paid

After the notary has signed the deed (your sale), there are still a lot of formalities to be completed.

In Tenerife it is customary for an external partner (such as Seb Leeson & Co) to take care of all further transactions, as these obligations are NOT carried out by the Notary Office here.

If these formalities are not carried out by us on behalf of the buyer, we will still request the necessary evidence from the buyer that everything has been done, so that you as the seller are in order! See what we can do for you and contact us.

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