If you have more than one property that you rent out, please let us know from which property you are making this declaration.

Total nights you have rented out the property in the last year.

This is the total amount you have recieved for letting the property for the last year. So if you rent out the property for 100€ a night, and it was rented out for 42 nights, you need to fill in 4,200€

This is the sum of all your tax deductible costs of the last year: WATER + ELECTRICITY + COMMUNITY FEES + RATES + INSURANCE + RUBBISH + MORTGAGE INTRESTS.

This is the sum of all your fully tax deductible costs of the last year: CLEANING + COMMISSIONS OF RENTAL SERVICES AND AGENTS such as AIRBNB, BOOKING.com and so on.

These are the costs for the betterment and improvement of the property that we can declare as a cost in this declaration and eventually in the future ones such as FURNITURE, RENOVATION WORKS etc.

I declare in good faith that this form has been completed truthfully and that I have the necessary supporting documents, invoices and all possible documentation to substantiate and prove this statement in the event of an inspection by the competent services and government authorities. Seb Leeson Consulting SL cannot be held liable in any way for my claims and statements contained in this form and any incorrect statement, calculation and/or filing of my non-resident taxes.
Seb Leeson Consulting SL does not keep any other data from you regarding this declaration (such as invoices or proof of costs for example). You must keep these YOURSELF, in case an audit should ever take place.