A frequently asked question is where our office is located. Not surprisingly, since the profession of a lawyer, legal adviser or consultant is often accompanied by a boring office, with books full of legal texts, unnatural light and uncomfortable chairs. Not to mention the parking problems and the impossible hours to make an appointment.

At Seb Leeson & Co we have found a solution for this… We move! We work according to the principle of the “consultancy at home”.

We come to your home, meet in a cosy cafe or restaurant, on a terrace or even at the beach. After all, we are in Tenerife, who wants to talk about serious matters inside a boring office, while this is also possible in a much more pleasant environment?! So our office is where it suits you best! The main advantages of this are that we can work extremely flexibly, that we are not bound to a normal working week from Monday to Friday and certainly not to an hour pattern of 9 to 5.

No, we don’t have an office and are quite proud of it! We are there for you, where you need us, when it suits you. Welcome to the consultancy of the 21st century! So just contact us for an appointment in your area.

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