Property donation

We are your partner for a property donation on Tenerife (or on the other islands)!
You want to make sure that neither you nor your children or grandchildren need to pay a lot of taxes for a possible inheritance? Then a property donation is the perfect solution! With a “discount” from the Canarian government of up to 99.90% on the donation taxes, it is now or never to consider a property donation.  Our full article on donating real estate will undoubtedly help you to make the right choice.
What services do we offer? When making a property donation on Tenerife, we always work with total solutions that focus on you and your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority! Our most important assets:

  • Assistance in English (or Dutch, French, German or Spanish)

  • We take care of everything for you

  • We help you from start to finish

  • Experience. Our team has more than 50 years experience!

What is the scope of our assistance in the case of a property donation on Tenerife? What solutions and working methods do we use? It is very simple: we will arrange ALL of them for you! After an introductory meeting in person, by phone or email, we will be able to tell you what is and is not possible in your specific case, what it will cost you and, above all, what the advantages are of completing the donation.
We will guide you completely step by step during your donation procedure so you won’t have a singel thing to worry about. Our independent support for a donation includes the following:

  • Requesting the NIE (for the recipient of the donation)

  • Checking whether there are any debts on the property

  • Coordination between you and the notary

  • Assistance at the notary for your donation

  • Translation of your deed of donation at the notary’s office

  • Registration of your donation in Madrid and the Canary Islands

  • Payment and declaration of your taxes

  • Conversion and direct debit of utilities

  • Consulting

After the notary

After the signing of your donation deed on Tenerife with the notary, there are still a number of costs to be paid and a lot of formalities to be completed.
Due to the very complex bureaucracy on Tenerife and in Spain, it is customary for a third party to take care of all further handling, as these obligations are NOT carried out by the Notary Office here. Seb Leeson & Co will take care of this for you so you don’t have to do anything! Our assistance is completely from start to finish so you have nothing to worry about. With us you can be sure that everything is 100% personally and legally regulated and that we handle everything in a smooth and professional way. The testimonials of our customers speak for themselves!
The formalities that we will complete for you include the following and are fully included in our services:

  • Payment of the Notary’s invoice

  • Collecting your deed of donation from the Notary

  • Payment of the donation taxes

  • Payment of the Plusvalía (capital gains taxes)

  • Registering your donation in the Property Register of the Canary Islands

  • Registering your donation in Madrid (this is a requirement for donations)

  • Payment of the registration fee for the Property Register

  • Transfer of water supply and conclusion of water supply contract

  • Direct debit of your water bills

  • Transfer of electricity connection and conclusion of electricity supply contract

  • Direct debit of your electricity bills

  • Registration at the municipality for the Basura tax (waste collection)

  • Direct debit of the waste collection tax

  • Registration with the Land Registry (IBI)

  • Direct Debit of the Land Registry Income (IBI to be paid annually)

  • Registering with the Community

  • Direct debit fo community fees

A final word

All these formalities will take two months to complete.
Our support and assistance with a donation is completely from the beginning until the end, let our team assist you to go through a smooth and correct donation procedure and avoid unpleasant surprises. We are 100% independent and work 100% for you!
Let Tenerife’s best independent Real Estate consultancy assist you with the donation of your Real Estate!
Your satisfaction is our priority!

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