Through friends (and with a happy coincidence) we got to know Seb and Kim. What was to be an introductory meeting (with an explanation of their services), became a long, fun and interesting afternoon on our terrace. With a lot of confidence we went with Seb & co for the purchase of our 2nd apartment.
Once the offer was accepted by the sellers, Seb & co could start: from checking the compromise, preparing for the signing of the deed, checking if there are no outstanding debts and/or if there is a loan on the property – and the assistance in signing the deed, as well as the transfer of the counters … everything is done by them. And all this for a very fair price.

They ensured smooth and correct communication, clear agreements, perfect handling of all administrative obligations, a joke in between, a lot of knowledge and the right way … helpful with every kind of question … what a big difference with our experiences at the first purchase!
End result … a folder with all documents, supporting documents and statements … fully finished!
It was very nice to be able to work together in this (professional) way and in confidence!
Legislation, life lessons, travel experiences, good food … we still have a lot to catch up on!
Thanks Seb & Kim!

Michèle & Kathleen