Last January I went on holiday to Tenerife. I wanted to see if I could go and live in Tenerife and I had already looked at many sites. But as everybody knows, it is the start of a new life, a new language, new rules and so on. Nobody can say that they know everything and that they know how everything works. Many people are mistaken how much work it is to rent or buy something on Tenerife. I met Seb through the internet and decided to confide in Seb and tell my story. After talking to each other we both went to see if there was a house that met all my wishes in Tenerife. At first I had found a house, but it didn’t go well and my trust in the owner of the house became less and less. After Seb had also taken a look, I decided to look further. I hadn’t told this to Seb yet. One day Seb came up with a perfect house that fulfilled 90% of my wishes. Seb acted perfectly and went there to visit the house and showed me movies. After Seb had sorted things out and discussed them with me, we decided to go for it and inform the owner of the house that I was interested in renting the house. Of course we had to negotiate but we sorted everything out. Seb acted very well and professionally. I decided to move the next opportunity and do the rest of the paperwork. Seb really knows what he’s talking about and will never disappoint anyone. Giving the right advice and putting everything in order. Even after you have everything in order, Seb will still help you. Also arranging all the applications. Seb also knows how to find the right people to help you out. Seb also tells the truth when a person isn’t right. One has to be able to cope with that. I personally followed his advice and that’s why I didn’t have any problems. I know people who think… oh, I can do that. Forget it. One needs the right help. I personally recommend Seb to everyone. A lot of people know Seb too. Really, I recommend everyone, if they want to move to Tenerife, talk to Seb. Then you’ll know it’s the right thing to do. The way it’s supposed to be. I also warn everyone. Watch out, because there are people out there who say they can arrange it. Then you’ll come out cheated and you’ll lose a lot of money. Once again… Talk to Seb and you’ll corroborate my story. Do it and don’t wait………. Sincerely, Richard Hietkamp