Through a lot of research work on the internet, we have ended up at Seb & Co by chance. Our dream, buying “an apartment” in Tenerife had been in our heads for a long time. The purchase did not go in the usual way, and still worked out well, thanks to the main player SEB. He has arranged everything for us, but then everything. Bank, NIE no, notary, last will, painter, collection of the furniture of the previous owner …..too much to mention. We would never have done this alone, also because the language is still a barrier. No question was too much for Seb. All meetings took place on a terrace with a “delicious iced coffee” and not in a boring office. Once again a big fat thank you to guide us so well, SEB & CO. And we will see each other again in Ghent at the fair. Until then.
Dirk and Katty