In June 2019 we decided to make our dream come true: move/emigrate to Tenerife.
But how do you do that?
After a lot of searching and surfing on the internet we sent an email to Seb Leeson with the question if he could do something for us. This was immediately followed by a very pleasant and trustworthy phone call.
We decided to ask Seb to take us by the hand and guide us from A-Z.
In October we met Seb and his charming wife, Kim.
We had a very informative conversation in which Seb was able to put us back on the ground in a sympathetic way. Seb put us in contact with a reliable and active real estate agent.
Seb and Kim went to work for us.
When we left Tenerife for The Netherlands two weeks later, we had a preliminary contract for the purchase of an apartment and all formalities had been arranged.

Since the end of February we live in our apartment in Tenerife.
With the expert guidance of Seb Leeson we were able to make our dream come true.

We are super happy and grateful that Seb and Kim have come into our lives and will stay in our lives!