Our life project was to acquire a residence in Tenerife, but because we are Belgian, cautious, without knowing Spanish and English, the task was difficult. We looked on the internet to find out who was going to coach us, a lawyer? An advisor? Then, like you, we came across Seb. I read the comments and then we said ‘yes, but are they real comments’? And all we can say now is: trust them! Because without them nothing would have been possible because you have both simple and complicated purchases. Our purchase was enormously difficult and the seller made us sweat enormously, but Seb has always been there to solve every problem, he is patient, has good advice, listens and together with his wife Kim they form a great team. The price is quite correct because they also take all the necessary steps, such as the transfer of water, electricity, NIE number, notary, … It is a real all-in formula! Thanks again to Seb and Kim, without you my dream wouldn’t have come true! See you soon on Tenerife, Corinne and Christophe from Liège.