The trustee, The community of owners, association of co-owners or also association of owners. These are all terms that we sometimes use and confuse a little. In Tenerife it’s no different, but here we’re going to give everything the term “comunidad”. And so we’re talking about the community in Tenerife.

In a complex in Tenerife where several owners have a share, there will be a community in which each owner has a say in decisions at a rate of percentage of the share he or she owns in the building. In other words, the more you own in a specific complex, the heavier your voice will be in decisions.

But there is also a downside… The more you own, the more you will pay for the monthly costs and charges…

The community of owners can go to court if you fail to meet your obligations. In other words, if you do not pay your costs and charges on time. If you have bought with us, you will not be bothered by this, we have had your comunidad costs domiciled in your bank account (direct debit) so that you will never be late. So be sure to check with the real estate agent or the selling party about the monthly or trimesterly costs of the community. For example, if there is a heated swimming pool, you will have to pay more. If there are many defaulters, you will have to pay more as well unfortunately.

When you buy a new development, there is of course no community yet, as it will still have to be founded. At the first meeting, a president and a secretary will have to be appointed, as well as a number of other things such as the internal regulations of the community, the house rules, how much the monthly costs will be for the owners, and so on.

The community normally meets once a year and all owners are informed of this, and the items on the agenda are communicated in advance. In some cases, there may be several meetings per year, for example in case of urgent circumstances.

The meetings will almost always take place in Spanish and/or English, as well as the minutes of the meeting. Don’t forget that in principle everything has to be done in Spanish only, as this is still the legal language in Spain.

In the case of the Vivienda Vacacional, if there is no provision for this in the statutes at the time of the creation of the community or in the internal rules of procedure, this can also be decided and voted on at a general meeting of the community.

All in all, a good and healthy community is therefore important and this can be a decisive factor when deciding whether or not to buy an apartment in a certain complex…

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