We can’t get around it at the moment. Everyone has somehow come into contact with the measures of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether in the UK, Ireland, the US, Spain or elsewhere, there is no escaping it. The measures for different countries are therefore different, and whatever we think of them, they are in force and we must comply with them.

Update Corona Crisis Canary Islands and Spain: Some important aspects that I would like to mention are the following:

– The easing measures that have taken effect in Spain and which, as far as the situation allows, will continue to ease in 4 phases in the coming weeks, have not missed their positive effect. Many people are relieved that “some things” can already be done again. For example, we can go back outside for a walk or for sports, and hopefully the pounds that we gained in recent weeks can be lost again…

– It is currently not yet decided when the Spanish borders will reopen, in what way and under what conditions. The rumors are going on, but we repeat that nothing has been officially decided yet.

– The flight connections between the Canary Islands would be reopened at the end of June, in phase 4 of the relaxation measures, according to Canary President Ángel Víctor Torres.

– However, Canary President Ángel Víctor Torres is less optimistic when we talk about international tourism on the islands. It is hoped that international tourism will return by August, or by September or October at the latest, so that we can return to a normal cycle by 2021.

– From tomorrow, May 4, it will be mandatory to wear a mouth mask on public transport in Spain.

– There are now also a lot of voices going up to rethink and tackle the current tourism model (of mass tourism with all-in hotels). “Why isn’t Canarias a luxury destination?” Is a question that often comes back and that people start to think about. Fewer tourists but that spend more, fewer accomodations, electric rental cars, tourist tax are just a few concerns or possible course changes that are suggested. What the future will bring, we will have to see …